Welcome to my blog about buses and trains in and around Macclesfield

Welcome to my blog about buses and trains in and around Macclesfield. I shall hopefully be putting a post a week on here. My latest posts will apear below this text. To view, please look under this text

2 in 1 post: First post: Alongside the railway. A beautiful walk

I recently experienced a trip to Tytherington (a place near Macclesfield) to go on a beautiful walk in the woods(ish). I never noticed how many little woods there were in Tytherington! I realised Tytherington is very near rail, so I wanted to so some trains. Can you guess how many I saw. Type your answer […]

2 in 1 post: Variation of different buses in Macclesfield

Macclesfield buses are starting to change, as in the type of bus. It is mainly the Arrivas. I have researched, and asked my Arriva friends, and they said why……At the moment, all the buses are coming from the Winsford depot so there is a variety of different Arrivas now. My faviourit ones at the moment […]

The surprising new timetables

At the moment, only our wonderful NHS and key workers are valid to travel, but it seems that there are more trains running than expected. Pretty much all of the trains that I have seen have less than 5 people on. It is incomprehensible and weird how they have designed them. Firstly, lets go through […]

The ghost town

Some of the quietest moments are happening now, in this coronavirus pandemic. Macclesfield is very quiet at the moment and all you can hear is the noise of a few buses and the high pitched ambulance sirens. I took a visit to the travel stations remembering to keep a 2 metre distance, but there were […]

travelling in OLDER STYLE

The people who are using the no.10 and the no.38 buses are in for a treat. Arriva are taking all of their buses into Macclesfield from the Winsford depot and that means there will be different buses running some services. Arriva will run the same buses for the no.10 to Bollington and the no.38 to […]

Seeing buses and trains in the UK

My recent trip to Ganavan Sands (seeing a bus in the sea!!) 2. My trip to The Isle Of Arran (seeing a bus shelter with real chairs in it!!) 3. My recent trip to Scotland in our holiday home: (Seeing buses from our window) 4. From friends- their recent trip to Shetland Isles. (An unusual […]

My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Welcome to my blog about buses and trains in and around Macclesfield. I will be putting hopefully a page a day on my blog about all the different things going on. The bus room page In my house I have a bus room. My bus […]

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